I used to think I was a charmer at high school cos I had so many friends but now I know better. We were just friends cos we were limited to the four corners of the school. They are only worth calling friends when they stick both in your highs and lows. Looking at it now, you’d see that you only have a handful and the rest just acquaintances. Do you really know her?”; She says she doesn’t know you behind your back yet you still call her friend; it’s a pity. I don’t call anyone friend and don’t act it.

You see!…friendship is a two way street, you’ve got to give to be given…it’s only successful when its mutual. Recently, I learnt to stop trying too much as most of us do; I learnt to let go, especially of those hypocritical friends that claim they are when they need something only. News flash-It is over.

Lol…you might be thinking I’m just a sad person. Well, I used to be but not anymore. Learning to ignore is the best thing that happened to my life. If you’re not worth their time then their not worth yours, if you’re not worth their care then their not worth yours and if you’re not worth their love then their also not worth yours.

So reverse back, check out your life properly and take a new stand. Time is precious so be sure that whoever you spend time with is worth it.