Appreciate Life: Where There’s a will there’s a way.

Most times we only appreciate life when we see people fighting to live and that’s wrong.


A lot happens in this world, some people are paying for oxygen while some people have it free, some people are on bed rest while some roam the streets free, some are held down by life challenges while others are successful. That’s life, it plays the Judge and always evens everything.

Today I walked into the Hospital to see my grand dad, the old man has lived long. Now he is scheduled for an eye surgery, hopefully by the time I post this he should be out and recovering. I guess that’s my motivation to write this.

Another case is that of a coma patient I saw, totally lost in time, still surviving and fighting for life. She is washed on her bed, fed through a tube and I really don’t want to know how she excretes. Now that’s the real struggle. So if you’re healthy with all parts of your body intact right now I’d say, “how dare you say you’re struggling”.

Appreciate life for what you have someone somewhere wishes for it; and next time you want to say I’m struggling or life is hard you should know you can be harder for where there’s a will there’s a way.
God bless.


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