He sat at the back of the class alone, covering his eyes as if he was praying. At least that’s what I thought but instead when he lifted his hand off his face for a minute his eyes were bloodshot with tears wondering to come down or not. I felt so sad and I didn’t even know why he was upset.

Then I wondered, what if it is someone that upset him. People can be wicked I thought; how will one sleep at night knowing well that he has caused someone pain. It’s just not fair and it’s sad that you’re ignorant of the pain you causing or maybe you just don’t care. I was really pained and I didn’t know what to do so I excused him saying “sorry…I’ll come back later”.

Whatever it was that was bothering him, I get the feeling because I have being in such awkward circumstance. When you just become sad over some past but then I came to an understanding; it is the past, there is nothing I can do about it but I could work on the future. “It can only get better”, I say to myself whenever that past tries to weigh me down.
Own your happiness.



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