So many times people fall for the single story, the obvious one and so many times they are wrong.

He was found in the wardrobe after about a month looking so untidy, eyes so pale and definitely nuts. Clearly he has starved himself quite long. Then the crowd marched for his mothers room as they were both not seen outside for a long time; that was what got people so curious. Her room was found locked with a chain. “Her son must have locked it”, everyone said; but why? Burgling the door…everyone was shocked, as a body was right in the middle of the room already decayed. That was his moms corpse on the floor and clearly she has been dead a long time.

Now, the question “how did she die?” popped and the obvious answer was her son killed her. I am not a lawyer but I don’t believe in a single story more so a story speculated by people.

This is a story of a boy already known with psychiatric condition accused of killing his mother. Is it not possible that the woman died of natural causes and the boy considering he’s already nuts put the blame on himself by locking himself inside and starving himself hoping to die too. I don’t know but I would rather lay several options than just conclude on a single story.

Just because he’s nuts and all what the eyes saw points the blame on him is not enough to put the blame on him.

“Trust not thine eyes, trust not thine ears not at all, you see darkness but it might actually be light”- Bertold Brecht

What do you think?

Edited By: Blessing Kure


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