I woke up one morning to a new government, they spoke change and majority fell for it. Almost halfway in the change era and change is yet to be witnessed or rather we are drowned in setbacks reigning over achievements. The economy is faced with many flaws, the masses suffering but the Government is still playing politics with innocent lives. So far, failed promises far more explicit than expected.

The girls have been missing for so long and everyday we wake up to false hope. The hash tag “Bring Back Our Girls” is hardly seen on the internet now, some will say it was just a charade. I wonder, is the Sambisa Forest just like the “Fangorn Forest” in Lord of The Rings? It doesn’t look like that on the videos. Why then have they not been rescued? The thought of what these girls are going through is sickening but sometimes it feels like it’s just a big conspiracy.

At least pay every worker his salary, instead they go on the news and call months of salary arrears “only”. It seems they are ignorant of the hunger on the streets or they are just too selfish. These days people are beaten for stealing food because their children are starving and I’m aware some are even killed for far less but this fate is only for the poor. The rich politicians steal billions and walk away and I fear some may be stealing for the fame as the media parades them. This as I heard is called “The Power of Wealth” and it is totally wrong. Everyone deserves a fair treatment.

Whatever you think, nobody cares that the streets have become more dangerous, nobody cares that the rural communities are becoming non-habitable everyday, every politician you know has an agenda and most of them are selfish agendas. The government thinks it can make decisions affecting the people without the opinion of the people; democracy is now just a word and the media chooses what to broadcast nowadays. The state of the country has changed from “sad” to “very very sad” and that’s the only change I have witnessed. A stick on the executive seat.

Edited By: Jennifer Ibrahim


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