In the nick of time
Simi felt a lump on her breast.
Ignorant Simi, it is just a lump,
an incessant talker-alone.

Time past…pain felt,
unbearable she told Cori.
“Knows it all” Cori was struck,
you might be in hot okro soup.

Hurriedly paced, Doctor! Doctor!
Simi is in pain.
Checked up thoroughly
Oh! Simi you’ve got cancer.

Yayy! Hands on her head,
What is cancer?
frightened of the bold title
but unaware of the nitty-gritty

Ignorance is a fore cause to cancer
Be aware!
Knowledge enables avoidance.

©Kim. D.2016



I hate the media,
It’s coined with twisted trivia,
Lies captured in fine words,
All headlines with a ‘back’ story.
Why can’t it be plain with no folly?
Pocketed by mere sapiens.

I hate politics,
The old dwindling around it,
The young considered not fit,
Campaign; Lies drenching masses,
That gamble, power seeking faces,
Greedy bastards, pocket driven cases.

I can’t stand bullies,
Empty barrels loudest noise,
Thinking we all prey or toys,
Even predators are preys,
You’ll fall prey if you don’t pray.
Time and chance happens to us all.

Alas…I hate lies,
Hurt yourself no longer,
long sighted see no farther,
A cycle; Caught up sooner or later,
Get wise…it is but to do and die.

©Kim. D.2016


Wake up today and say a prayer,
make sure you SAY A PRAYER.

Still breathing?
You are loved,

We are all sinners,
filthy to the core,

your life is not a right,
It is a privilege,

You have needs
Do not stay silent

He who does not pray,
will definitely fall prey.

©Kim. D.2016


Do not be disappointed,
She is not a regular lady,
She is not one to fall for a flaky,
She is beauty personified,
She sees beyond your thick fibbing lips,
Your fine poetic words is not enough tip,

Untrue to your tongue you can’t fool her.

Do not be disappointed,
She is a star,
She glows so bright from afar,
The night-light we all wish to see,
She leads thou through the late abyss,
You lingering darkness, can you handle the light?

Do not be intimidated,
She speaks feminism,
She is smart and filled with enthusiasm,
She is a deliberate effort,
No!…not equality with man, just respect from man,
Understand her sisterhood,
That bold and pretty woman; doubt you can tackle,
She is  my woman.
Do not be intimidated,
Nor should you be deceived,

Imagination is power.

©Kim. D.2016


img_20141128_083020I was recently told, “I feel like that African (Black) inferiority complex is still in you because it is in our gene“. I was dazed because that was the first, and honestly I didn’t understand why “Black” had to be in that statement, more so to say “it is in our gene“. Don’t Whites suffer from inferiority complex too? Anyways, as always I dismissed it with a smile hoping to come scribble out all my worries here. Really, it is disturbing.

In my defense, I’d like to point out a few key attributes that people with inferiority complex have, not necessarily “Blacks“.

  1. They are unable to feel self-worth; they complain over every thing they do, a feeling of worthlessness.
  2. They are always fixated on their weaknesses; optimism is far-fetched in their sight.
  3. They see criticism as hate, always finding reasons to avoid self-responsibility by trying to push blame on someone else.
  4. They are mostly introverts; very shy.
  5. They prefer not to try because they fear failure.

Do I posses any of the above attributes? I doubt it. However, I’m glad that this statement came up, at least I get to address an issue most people suffer from. Peruse those attributes again, do you suffer from any? Yes! Do you know that inferiority complex is a mental disorder? You probably do not, but now you know. So for those suffering from this problem, these are a few pointers on how to overcome it.

  1. Avoid negative self talk; you deserve as much as the person you mind keeps saying is superior and unless you speak positive to yourself, you’re stalk with your problem.
  2. Prying and believing in what you see in the social media should be avoided; Social media is filled with lies, they don’t always appear as they portray themselves, stop believing and start working and achieving. Build a personality your looks can’t match.
  3. This is a bit controversial but sometimes focusing on a persons weakness asides yours will help boost your self-esteem.
  4. Keep your company tight with positive people; remember you are trying to get rid of negativity’
  5. If you are truly struggling with inferiority complex then it is best you get professional advice from a behavioral therapist. After all, “who forming don epp?

This is just a few attributes and solutions that should help you get through this problem of low self-esteem. I hope my experience of a disturbing chat has helped shed light to an unbecoming path.

What do you think of inferiority complex? Am I wrong or am I right? I’d like to read your views on it, so leave a comment, like, and share; lets keep the discussion going.


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It’s a dark cold room.

Fear stricken…reaching out for the wall,

Am I not African…am I not man?

Am I not the warrior fathers call?

Am I not protector of my Vatican?

Am I not the sound of hope standing tall?

A lie just for doom.

The room is locked.

Is this a curse for me to bow?

Can this just be a dream?

Can a facade screen the now?

Can a man just have his cream

And not bother how?

Trying to keep a man workt.

There is a key.

Leant on the door as a cotton tuft,

Squeezed on the knob as a juice box,

Scary space, could be a loft,

Can’t figure, no cocks,

Just a mellow fellow, soft.

An escape hoping to see.

©Kim D.2016 




Try reading in the most hilarious Nigerian voice you can do.

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As a child, mum never speared the rod on me. She beat me black and blue, I never got no slack. I was very stubborn and flogging is the African way of re-born.

Mum never meant ill, only wanted good values instilled and the rod seemed like it did it…but no! just tears of pain not change. I thank her though because I needed to know it is wrong; that, it achieved very strong. However, knowing doesn’t guarantee seizing, I was still repeating.

I remember stealing change from her purse, the rod never changed me. I remember been so gullible, only the Bible could have remodeled me. The sex I almost had in the corner, the rod had nothing to do with me not hitting the border, in fact I was still flogged , and for years I wondered why I was scolded. All the bad things I did as a little lad the rod never changed me. I guess the rod wasn’t knowledge enough for me.

You know what did change me? WORDS!!! simple alphabets, arranged constructively it is called advice, it gives sense. I shed sincere tears listening to those words, It made me think for hours. At first I hated it because there is no denying it. It is the truth and it had to be told.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child” 

Yes!! I am forever on that notion but it wouldn’t be my first option because words were the better rod for me. The rod only made me wiser, still did it behind her.

Hope you know what I mean when I say ‘words’, the Bible is the Ultimate Word. Instill the Fear of God in them, let them be aware of the Word first. Only then should you have the guts to flog. After all;

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” – 2 Timothy 3:16 

So the Word of God is as much a rod as the literal rod.


Civil Service is a body of employees in any government agency asides the military.

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In the late 1980’s, the Civil Service was one to dive into at the first call. The employment conditions were favorable and fair; each Civil Servant was treated with utmost respect as much as his/her profession allows. Allowances were paid in earnest and after years of service retirement benefits were also paid immediately; Corruption was less. Unfortunately, this is not the case in recent times.

An average Civil servant begins his/her years of service in his/her mid 20’s and has to spend at least 35 years of service before considered for retirement or he/she could  be retired at age 65 (i.e. the statutory maximum age for a civil servant serving in Nigeria). An early retirement means one does not qualify for the retirement benefits given. During this 35 years of service, the civil servant is expected to work at his/her peak for a minimum of 8 hours a day, the remaining hours is used to recuperate.

The Problem however, is Civil Service in recent times is going to hell in a hand basket. The work is not taken seriously anymore, lives and ambitions are wasted, salaries are no more paid in earnest and the government hardly has guts to make things right. Why? I’d say because corruption and politics has eaten deep into the sector that everything is biased, from employment to promotion to retirement processing; it’s just a giant bag of spoilt potatoes.

I met a retiree recently who served in the health sector, he complained sorrowfully for the depreciating quality of services rendered in the civil service. In his opinion;

“The civil service is not as it used to be anymore, in the 80’s when I was employed it was considered a hot cake but now it is exactly the opposite. Imagine, I had to split my gratuity three parts with corrupt government officials just so I get paid early; otherwise, only God knows how many years I’d have to wait for it, not to talk of the pension or how my salary was paid in parts after months of arrears. Honestly, right now I’m full of regret, because the Civil Service took away my best years and I have virtually nothing to show for it. I should be resting but I’m still struggling.”

Apparently, many other civil servants, both those still in service and those retired share the same opinion, they all wish to be treated better.

It is of great pleasure however, that some Nigerians, especially the youths have seen the light and are quickly turning to entrepreneurship. It clearly has more to offer than a hypocrite government who pretends to care about the interest of its citizens, but still stands on a minimum wage of 18,000 Naira, when they know for a fact that it is hardly enough to keep body and soul together. Hopefully a time will come when the voices of the masses will be heard; hopefully a time will come when things will be done right from the latter to the top; hopefully a time will come for a better Nigeria. As for now, Civil Service in Nigeria is failing and unless something is done about it, recent generations will be moving to Entrepreneurship.


I can’t wait,

I’m an anxious fellow.

I can’t wait,

For my marvelous mellow.

I can’t wait,

‘Cos now i’m so-low.

I can’t wait,

I’m not wallow.

I can’t wait,

I just want to fallow;


I can’t wait.

                      ©Kim D.2016


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T’was a bus ride back and forth,

Totally lost in thought,

I wondered amongst words,

Non worthy to project this feeling.

I was either sad or filled with rage

Had no appetite for this page,

But still I scribbled for the coming age.

Though I knew lack, I saw abject poverty,

People suffering, I was filled with pity.

…witnessed lads totally famished,

Bodies’ desert dry.

Filled with ache of a seen reality,

Tears pushing aboard to flow freely.

In that moment, I was also ashamed;

How can we sit back acting not tumbled?

Head down I could not bear the sight,

We are neglecting the fight.

Can hunger then be smitten?

Base jump…faced with same dilemma,

I.D.P.’s forsaken in plain trauma,

Babies are dying…hunger strikes,

Yet supplies are diverted in selfish strife.

Oh no!! Lives lost in a small setting…Dogon-Filli,

You probably never seen that place…it’s not hilly,

A small village in Kaduna along Jos-Abuja.

…conscience lost in a pool of blood.


So much talk…hardly a keen ear,

Just an amused heir.

Listen to the words not the rhythm,

Feel the emotional spasm,

Let’s act on it please,

Let our nations be cleansed.

‘Cos lands walked bare feet,

Troubled calluses for the mere fleet.

©Kim D.2016