Come hell or high water, if you choose to be happy then you will be…

We live in a generation where happiness is measured by the amount of money one has. This has driven many people to the chase for money, be it noble or not. The idea of one having just enough money to take care of themselves and their family is not common anymore. Most people want the exorbitant lifestyle because that is what the society defines as happiness nowadays.

It is noticed that most people go for jobs that pay more at that particular time, whether it is something they are happy doing does not matter. This I believe is due to their gross inability to see the long term effect. A few however go for what they love to do and hopefully turn it into a job that pays or they cup a job that they are happy doing. This might not pay much at the start but in time it will. Who do you think is going to be happy for a very long time?

Another view of this so called pursuit of happiness is seen among rural dwellers nowadays. A very high percentage of rural dwellers prefer the big city life rather than the humble serene lifestyle they have. Therefore, they leave the village for the cities in search of “greener pastures”. This has proven to be fools gold for most because they end up acquiring mediocre jobs in which they are exploited due to desperation. Literally, the village is even more of the greener pasture than the city; If only they knew how much agriculture pays when it’s done right then they would not subject themselves to frustrating under-appreciated jobs in the cities.

This misconception of what happiness is based on can be discussed in different fronts, however, the problems that cause this misconception in the society is ignorance, inability to see the long term effect and greed.

In conclusion, happiness is much more than the amount of money one has; Happiness is contentment, happiness is healthy companionship, happiness is gratitude and happiness is caring. I believe, that come hell or high water, if you choose to be happy then you will be, after all, every cloud has a silver lining.

Edited By: Jibril Bekas



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