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T’was a bus ride back and forth,

Totally lost in thought,

I wondered amongst words,

Non worthy to project this feeling.

I was either sad or filled with rage

Had no appetite for this page,

But still I scribbled for the coming age.

Though I knew lack, I saw abject poverty,

People suffering, I was filled with pity.

…witnessed lads totally famished,

Bodies’ desert dry.

Filled with ache of a seen reality,

Tears pushing aboard to flow freely.

In that moment, I was also ashamed;

How can we sit back acting not tumbled?

Head down I could not bear the sight,

We are neglecting the fight.

Can hunger then be smitten?

Base jump…faced with same dilemma,

I.D.P.’s forsaken in plain trauma,

Babies are dying…hunger strikes,

Yet supplies are diverted in selfish strife.

Oh no!! Lives lost in a small setting…Dogon-Filli,

You probably never seen that place…it’s not hilly,

A small village in Kaduna along Jos-Abuja.

…conscience lost in a pool of blood.


So much talk…hardly a keen ear,

Just an amused heir.

Listen to the words not the rhythm,

Feel the emotional spasm,

Let’s act on it please,

Let our nations be cleansed.

‘Cos lands walked bare feet,

Troubled calluses for the mere fleet.

©Kim D.2016


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