img_20141128_083020I was recently told, “I feel like that African (Black) inferiority complex is still in you because it is in our gene“. I was dazed because that was the first, and honestly I didn’t understand why “Black” had to be in that statement, more so to say “it is in our gene“. Don’t Whites suffer from inferiority complex too? Anyways, as always I dismissed it with a smile hoping to come scribble out all my worries here. Really, it is disturbing.

In my defense, I’d like to point out a few key attributes that people with inferiority complex have, not necessarily “Blacks“.

  1. They are unable to feel self-worth; they complain over every thing they do, a feeling of worthlessness.
  2. They are always fixated on their weaknesses; optimism is far-fetched in their sight.
  3. They see criticism as hate, always finding reasons to avoid self-responsibility by trying to push blame on someone else.
  4. They are mostly introverts; very shy.
  5. They prefer not to try because they fear failure.

Do I posses any of the above attributes? I doubt it. However, I’m glad that this statement came up, at least I get to address an issue most people suffer from. Peruse those attributes again, do you suffer from any? Yes! Do you know that inferiority complex is a mental disorder? You probably do not, but now you know. So for those suffering from this problem, these are a few pointers on how to overcome it.

  1. Avoid negative self talk; you deserve as much as the person you mind keeps saying is superior and unless you speak positive to yourself, you’re stalk with your problem.
  2. Prying and believing in what you see in the social media should be avoided; Social media is filled with lies, they don’t always appear as they portray themselves, stop believing and start working and achieving. Build a personality your looks can’t match.
  3. This is a bit controversial but sometimes focusing on a persons weakness asides yours will help boost your self-esteem.
  4. Keep your company tight with positive people; remember you are trying to get rid of negativity’
  5. If you are truly struggling with inferiority complex then it is best you get professional advice from a behavioral therapist. After all, “who forming don epp?

This is just a few attributes and solutions that should help you get through this problem of low self-esteem. I hope my experience of a disturbing chat has helped shed light to an unbecoming path.

What do you think of inferiority complex? Am I wrong or am I right? I’d like to read your views on it, so leave a comment, like, and share; lets keep the discussion going.