Do not be disappointed,
She is not a regular lady,
She is not one to fall for a flaky,
She is beauty personified,
She sees beyond your thick fibbing lips,
Your fine poetic words is not enough tip,

Untrue to your tongue you can’t fool her.

Do not be disappointed,
She is a star,
She glows so bright from afar,
The night-light we all wish to see,
She leads thou through the late abyss,
You lingering darkness, can you handle the light?

Do not be intimidated,
She speaks feminism,
She is smart and filled with enthusiasm,
She is a deliberate effort,
No!…not equality with man, just respect from man,
Understand her sisterhood,
That bold and pretty woman; doubt you can tackle,
She is  my woman.
Do not be intimidated,
Nor should you be deceived,

Imagination is power.

©Kim. D.2016