I hate the media,
It’s coined with twisted trivia,
Lies captured in fine words,
All headlines with a ‘back’ story.
Why can’t it be plain with no folly?
Pocketed by mere sapiens.

I hate politics,
The old dwindling around it,
The young considered not fit,
Campaign; Lies drenching masses,
That gamble, power seeking faces,
Greedy bastards, pocket driven cases.

I can’t stand bullies,
Empty barrels loudest noise,
Thinking we all prey or toys,
Even predators are preys,
You’ll fall prey if you don’t pray.
Time and chance happens to us all.

Alas…I hate lies,
Hurt yourself no longer,
long sighted see no farther,
A cycle; Caught up sooner or later,
Get wise…it is but to do and die.

©Kim. D.2016


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