Gazing upon the evening skies…
Can you see the beauty of the bright west?
Can you fathom the warmth of the colorful wonder?
Can you feel the cool breeze blowing?
I cherish this more than Jollof Rice.

My God! what a marvelous wonder,
A perfect gaze could rid one of all ponder,
Of all the hate and drama,
Of all spiteful lips,
Can this be my karma?
Even the trees dance
and the birds waver home.
Arms open wide; This is trance.
I just want to be lost in it.

©Kim Dashong.2016



Zombie nights…filled with hope,
Mornings…did i get a pinch of dope?
Mid-day…a mans gotta eat,
Evenings…stroll for fit.

Sundays…all upbeat and cheerful,
Mondays…gloomy as shit,
Wednessdays…I’ve got this so colourful,
Fridays…It’s about to be lit.

January…So cold it’s the high side,
June…Yo! Don’t mess with mama,
September…filled with drama,
December…A savior is birth.

The past…dump the shit, retain the caution,
The present…relish the moment,
The future…stick to hope like your tuition,
Death…live right and fear it not.

©Kim Dashong.2016


What is wrong with us?
It has always been a long game,
yet we take it for granted.
Decisions are taken just for fame
yet we sit back muted.
Recycled heads on the throne,
too careless for ‘done’.
Dry lands; Sinking shallow boreholes,
and gradually tainting young dreams.
Only Eagle eyes see the trapped holes.

What is wrong with you?
Get up and take a stand,
there is never coincidence.
A chess game; act with fore-sight and confidence.
Does the father not become the child when old and the child the father!
Why then are you ruled by children?
Does the salt not season all the beans in a pot?
How then can you sit back unaffected?
You lie! you’re just short sighted.

What is wrong with me?
Is my ink to faint to be read
or is thy eyes to blind to read?
I try but I fail,
I try again but I still fail.
Are the words to blur
or are my thoughts to vague?
I spill yet again;
Only a glimpse favoured by your eye.
Whatever! Truth must be told.

©Kim Dashong 2016

Mornings! Or Moaning! 

Today she missed the sunrise
And all the tidings of a perfect morning.
The weight- she felt in her thighs,
It certainly felt like a day after moaning.

Then the uncertain, a convo found her.
Can she not have her condo and retire in peace?
Tick-tock she felt her bomb exploding,
Gosh! Let His lips just stop clapping.

Did she hear a faint knock?
An excuse to clock her timing.
A fine figure stood there waiting,
I know him!
It quietly paced down without alarming.

Blah made so much sense,
This could be the silver lining.
Boy! Am I glad you came?

©Kim. D.2016