Corper Wii!!

I met a man honest and true,
I met a man enthusiastic for worship,
I met a man diligent in his business,
Then I met me, first time open minded.

I heard stories but never true,
I envisioned horrors but it was fluid,
I thought crazy that I was right,
Slow days…slow flight.

In the end, we were all ready,
For unseen tears and hopeful bliss,
For handshakes and hugs,
For smiles and hope for better days .

It is Jesus all the way,
I hope I see you all again.
Love yours!



We used to mingle and jingle,
We used to mock and be savage,
We used to glitter and prank,
It was all crap to be frank.

In front we cheered,
Behind we jeered.
A game if hypocrisy,
Felt like pleasing policy.

We used to laugh hard,
but now our voices are faint,
It is a game of cards,
No aces…no saint.