​On that almost perfect day,

there was a black dog lurking,
creeping and growling,
Sniffing vulnerable for a treat.

It was all her treat
to find solace in a meet.
To greet and smile and gist
but a black dog disagrees,
It sniffs the worse out of the meet,
Enemies!!! She screamed.

Little did she know,
“every black dog has a collar”.



Look at that fellow,
That man standing like an ‘Iroko’,
Feet rooted on the ground below,
Muscular body in awe by most,
A front for you to see.

I saw him days ago,
Next to his wife he’s a Lego,
Henpecked like a baby,
You see! your crush is little girl,
or a figurine for me,
or a coward to his wife.