Sweat for Peace

Lesson: It isn’t just always talk, we must act to ensure peace—we must sweat.

We live in troubled times, waking up everyday to news of the unbecoming and only a few seem to care.

I was filled with joy while photographing this beautiful people who came together to figure out ways to advocate peace in the nation as they urged one another to use the social media as a tool to preach peace for the growth of our nations future.

Now I can confidently tell you a new wave is coming, ignorance is being wiped out, the ripple effect is closing in—and we will rise above all trouble.
God bless Nigeria.


Beauty in the Dark

Someone somewhere is up this morning feeling grey—battling disappointments, heartbreak, confusion, disgust and instability. Juggling a ball of bitterness in his/her head and thinking this could be the end of me; a massive overcast of darkness.

No! There so much beauty in the dark. In my experience, it isn’t the end of you but the start of something beautiful ‘if’ you know how to channel it. This isn’t easy but very possible.

Think of it this way, the mind perceives negative energy, then transmits it to the whole of you, causing all the feelings that keep you sore but energy can be transformed; How?

You know that thing you’re so passionate about, be it writing, rapping, singing, photographing, sewing, body building, cooking or even eating—just do it. Put that whole negative energy into it, make it your distraction and marvel at how beautiful the end product will be.

Many times I’ve fallen in a pool of bitterness and many times I’ve swum out victorious with a beautiful poem or article to read over and over again, totally thrilled by how I managed to pull a hat out of a needle, grinning from ear to ear and feeling warm again. The power of your passion is always a perfect distraction.

Impossibility is nothing, only if you believe.


img_20141128_083020I was recently told, “I feel like that African (Black) inferiority complex is still in you because it is in our gene“. I was dazed because that was the first, and honestly I didn’t understand why “Black” had to be in that statement, more so to say “it is in our gene“. Don’t Whites suffer from inferiority complex too? Anyways, as always I dismissed it with a smile hoping to come scribble out all my worries here. Really, it is disturbing.

In my defense, I’d like to point out a few key attributes that people with inferiority complex have, not necessarily “Blacks“.

  1. They are unable to feel self-worth; they complain over every thing they do, a feeling of worthlessness.
  2. They are always fixated on their weaknesses; optimism is far-fetched in their sight.
  3. They see criticism as hate, always finding reasons to avoid self-responsibility by trying to push blame on someone else.
  4. They are mostly introverts; very shy.
  5. They prefer not to try because they fear failure.

Do I posses any of the above attributes? I doubt it. However, I’m glad that this statement came up, at least I get to address an issue most people suffer from. Peruse those attributes again, do you suffer from any? Yes! Do you know that inferiority complex is a mental disorder? You probably do not, but now you know. So for those suffering from this problem, these are a few pointers on how to overcome it.

  1. Avoid negative self talk; you deserve as much as the person you mind keeps saying is superior and unless you speak positive to yourself, you’re stalk with your problem.
  2. Prying and believing in what you see in the social media should be avoided; Social media is filled with lies, they don’t always appear as they portray themselves, stop believing and start working and achieving. Build a personality your looks can’t match.
  3. This is a bit controversial but sometimes focusing on a persons weakness asides yours will help boost your self-esteem.
  4. Keep your company tight with positive people; remember you are trying to get rid of negativity’
  5. If you are truly struggling with inferiority complex then it is best you get professional advice from a behavioral therapist. After all, “who forming don epp?

This is just a few attributes and solutions that should help you get through this problem of low self-esteem. I hope my experience of a disturbing chat has helped shed light to an unbecoming path.

What do you think of inferiority complex? Am I wrong or am I right? I’d like to read your views on it, so leave a comment, like, and share; lets keep the discussion going.


Civil Service is a body of employees in any government agency asides the military.

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In the late 1980’s, the Civil Service was one to dive into at the first call. The employment conditions were favorable and fair; each Civil Servant was treated with utmost respect as much as his/her profession allows. Allowances were paid in earnest and after years of service retirement benefits were also paid immediately; Corruption was less. Unfortunately, this is not the case in recent times.

An average Civil servant begins his/her years of service in his/her mid 20’s and has to spend at least 35 years of service before considered for retirement or he/she could  be retired at age 65 (i.e. the statutory maximum age for a civil servant serving in Nigeria). An early retirement means one does not qualify for the retirement benefits given. During this 35 years of service, the civil servant is expected to work at his/her peak for a minimum of 8 hours a day, the remaining hours is used to recuperate.

The Problem however, is Civil Service in recent times is going to hell in a hand basket. The work is not taken seriously anymore, lives and ambitions are wasted, salaries are no more paid in earnest and the government hardly has guts to make things right. Why? I’d say because corruption and politics has eaten deep into the sector that everything is biased, from employment to promotion to retirement processing; it’s just a giant bag of spoilt potatoes.

I met a retiree recently who served in the health sector, he complained sorrowfully for the depreciating quality of services rendered in the civil service. In his opinion;

“The civil service is not as it used to be anymore, in the 80’s when I was employed it was considered a hot cake but now it is exactly the opposite. Imagine, I had to split my gratuity three parts with corrupt government officials just so I get paid early; otherwise, only God knows how many years I’d have to wait for it, not to talk of the pension or how my salary was paid in parts after months of arrears. Honestly, right now I’m full of regret, because the Civil Service took away my best years and I have virtually nothing to show for it. I should be resting but I’m still struggling.”

Apparently, many other civil servants, both those still in service and those retired share the same opinion, they all wish to be treated better.

It is of great pleasure however, that some Nigerians, especially the youths have seen the light and are quickly turning to entrepreneurship. It clearly has more to offer than a hypocrite government who pretends to care about the interest of its citizens, but still stands on a minimum wage of 18,000 Naira, when they know for a fact that it is hardly enough to keep body and soul together. Hopefully a time will come when the voices of the masses will be heard; hopefully a time will come when things will be done right from the latter to the top; hopefully a time will come for a better Nigeria. As for now, Civil Service in Nigeria is failing and unless something is done about it, recent generations will be moving to Entrepreneurship.


Come hell or high water, if you choose to be happy then you will be…

We live in a generation where happiness is measured by the amount of money one has. This has driven many people to the chase for money, be it noble or not. The idea of one having just enough money to take care of themselves and their family is not common anymore. Most people want the exorbitant lifestyle because that is what the society defines as happiness nowadays.

It is noticed that most people go for jobs that pay more at that particular time, whether it is something they are happy doing does not matter. This I believe is due to their gross inability to see the long term effect. A few however go for what they love to do and hopefully turn it into a job that pays or they cup a job that they are happy doing. This might not pay much at the start but in time it will. Who do you think is going to be happy for a very long time?

Another view of this so called pursuit of happiness is seen among rural dwellers nowadays. A very high percentage of rural dwellers prefer the big city life rather than the humble serene lifestyle they have. Therefore, they leave the village for the cities in search of “greener pastures”. This has proven to be fools gold for most because they end up acquiring mediocre jobs in which they are exploited due to desperation. Literally, the village is even more of the greener pasture than the city; If only they knew how much agriculture pays when it’s done right then they would not subject themselves to frustrating under-appreciated jobs in the cities.

This misconception of what happiness is based on can be discussed in different fronts, however, the problems that cause this misconception in the society is ignorance, inability to see the long term effect and greed.

In conclusion, happiness is much more than the amount of money one has; Happiness is contentment, happiness is healthy companionship, happiness is gratitude and happiness is caring. I believe, that come hell or high water, if you choose to be happy then you will be, after all, every cloud has a silver lining.

Edited By: Jibril Bekas


I woke up one morning to a new government, they spoke change and majority fell for it. Almost halfway in the change era and change is yet to be witnessed or rather we are drowned in setbacks reigning over achievements. The economy is faced with many flaws, the masses suffering but the Government is still playing politics with innocent lives. So far, failed promises far more explicit than expected.

The girls have been missing for so long and everyday we wake up to false hope. The hash tag “Bring Back Our Girls” is hardly seen on the internet now, some will say it was just a charade. I wonder, is the Sambisa Forest just like the “Fangorn Forest” in Lord of The Rings? It doesn’t look like that on the videos. Why then have they not been rescued? The thought of what these girls are going through is sickening but sometimes it feels like it’s just a big conspiracy.

At least pay every worker his salary, instead they go on the news and call months of salary arrears “only”. It seems they are ignorant of the hunger on the streets or they are just too selfish. These days people are beaten for stealing food because their children are starving and I’m aware some are even killed for far less but this fate is only for the poor. The rich politicians steal billions and walk away and I fear some may be stealing for the fame as the media parades them. This as I heard is called “The Power of Wealth” and it is totally wrong. Everyone deserves a fair treatment.

Whatever you think, nobody cares that the streets have become more dangerous, nobody cares that the rural communities are becoming non-habitable everyday, every politician you know has an agenda and most of them are selfish agendas. The government thinks it can make decisions affecting the people without the opinion of the people; democracy is now just a word and the media chooses what to broadcast nowadays. The state of the country has changed from “sad” to “very very sad” and that’s the only change I have witnessed. A stick on the executive seat.

Edited By: Jennifer Ibrahim


So many times people fall for the single story, the obvious one and so many times they are wrong.

He was found in the wardrobe after about a month looking so untidy, eyes so pale and definitely nuts. Clearly he has starved himself quite long. Then the crowd marched for his mothers room as they were both not seen outside for a long time; that was what got people so curious. Her room was found locked with a chain. “Her son must have locked it”, everyone said; but why? Burgling the door…everyone was shocked, as a body was right in the middle of the room already decayed. That was his moms corpse on the floor and clearly she has been dead a long time.

Now, the question “how did she die?” popped and the obvious answer was her son killed her. I am not a lawyer but I don’t believe in a single story more so a story speculated by people.

This is a story of a boy already known with psychiatric condition accused of killing his mother. Is it not possible that the woman died of natural causes and the boy considering he’s already nuts put the blame on himself by locking himself inside and starving himself hoping to die too. I don’t know but I would rather lay several options than just conclude on a single story.

Just because he’s nuts and all what the eyes saw points the blame on him is not enough to put the blame on him.

“Trust not thine eyes, trust not thine ears not at all, you see darkness but it might actually be light”- Bertold Brecht

What do you think?

Edited By: Blessing Kure


I started a writeup titled “What if”, it was good but it took me time to write it cos it was self driven. Then after a long pause I realised that the entire writeup isn’t meant to be shared, why? ‘cos it speaks regret. It is not in me to spark regret in anyone more so myself, so I stopped writing it. This realisation only came after I read the Word of God.

My point is, so many times we are self motivated and not Christ motivated. So many times we rely on our own understanding, believing what we see and hear…but what actually is outshines the physical. Gods way is the best way.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:5‭-‬6 KJV

Therefore, no matter how glaring the facts are, no matter how it echoes, still look to the one who sees all, hears all and knows all. For our thoughts and actions, views and hearings are but a blur of what really is. A speculation of a larger story only to be known at the foot of the Cross.

My Father…Your Father…Our Father never wishes bad for no one.