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Life is a road,
walking or running, we move,
Or jumping like toads,
While Some gentle as doves.

Life is a bridge,
Guarded by post and rails,
Some flip at the apex,
Some move for the head,
And some just end at the foot.

Life is a flight,
We take off so we alight,
All in perspective of a narrow end,
An end…
Life is death personified.


Leading Lines

We now have an end,
Or what seems like it,
Why do we delay,
And not go for it?

The streets are made of perspectives,
lines that give meaning and direction,
Paths that grow lean at the end;
Always walk along its line.

Is it the shadow cast,
Or the design brutality?
Why do we dilly-dally,
Or not move along?

That leading line,
An enigma for our introspection
An iconic reminder for our retrograde minds,
Saying, move along! Move along!

Yet we stay and wait,
For what seems like eternity,
At fates crossroad,
Hoping for immortality.

Edited by A. Egesie 

Beauty in the Dark

Someone somewhere is up this morning feeling grey—battling disappointments, heartbreak, confusion, disgust and instability. Juggling a ball of bitterness in his/her head and thinking this could be the end of me; a massive overcast of darkness.

No! There so much beauty in the dark. In my experience, it isn’t the end of you but the start of something beautiful ‘if’ you know how to channel it. This isn’t easy but very possible.

Think of it this way, the mind perceives negative energy, then transmits it to the whole of you, causing all the feelings that keep you sore but energy can be transformed; How?

You know that thing you’re so passionate about, be it writing, rapping, singing, photographing, sewing, body building, cooking or even eating—just do it. Put that whole negative energy into it, make it your distraction and marvel at how beautiful the end product will be.

Many times I’ve fallen in a pool of bitterness and many times I’ve swum out victorious with a beautiful poem or article to read over and over again, totally thrilled by how I managed to pull a hat out of a needle, grinning from ear to ear and feeling warm again. The power of your passion is always a perfect distraction.

Impossibility is nothing, only if you believe.


“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams, no mortal ever dared to dream before”
-Edgar Allan Poe

Night Shoot-7

Close your eyes for a second,
take a deep breath and remember,
light shines the brightest in the dark‘.

Let not your will be crippled,
by happenings of this life.

Let your light stay shining always
that it might shine some more when darkness comes.

For it will surely come to all of us.
an inevitable occurrence of life which is only tackled
by those that keep their light shining;
against all odds.

Jesus Saves.
Night Shoot-13
POEM: The Irony

Apostle said,
pray and sweat,
in the name of the Father
do not fret”.

Alone with Apostle
we did pray,
and we did sweat,
but on a different stance.

The Apostle said, “I Am…
but really, Is He?
Night Shoot-7

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven
-Matthew 5:16 KJV
Night Shoot-4All photos are my works. Photographed with a single light from an iPhone 6 at about 8 pm, outdoors.


He swayed so far…
Totally oblivious of Dick,
not even the Cameras click
or the loud Nursery rhyme.

I tried so hard…
Snapped my fingers,
waved my hands too
but it was all vain.

Alas! He came to,
with a deep sigh out,
and a jaw tightly squeezed.

So silly…I asked,
“Boy! Are you alright”


My darling, I miss your smile,
The feel of your long woolly hair,
The love we had,
And the ruin we made.

When darkness came,
I left when I should have stayed,
I shoved you away.

Now, robbed of your charm,
You are tucked into a corner
And I am left to the foreigner.

Like the sun, in time, you will rise,
And your devotion, a corona about you.


In The Lonely Hour

He walks the street,
aimlessly searching for tranquil.
Patiently observing natures fleet
as it unleashes its wonders.

That eventide…
The kind that forces a grin out,
The kind that lets the mind slide,
to a peaceful and beautiful site.

Darkness bows after this,
as it always at the sight of light.


​On that almost perfect day,

there was a black dog lurking,
creeping and growling,
Sniffing vulnerable for a treat.

It was all her treat
to find solace in a meet.
To greet and smile and gist
but a black dog disagrees,
It sniffs the worse out of the meet,
Enemies!!! She screamed.

Little did she know,
“every black dog has a collar”.


Look at that fellow,
That man standing like an ‘Iroko’,
Feet rooted on the ground below,
Muscular body in awe by most,
A front for you to see.

I saw him days ago,
Next to his wife he’s a Lego,
Henpecked like a baby,
You see! your crush is little girl,
or a figurine for me,
or a coward to his wife.


It is always your fault,
Good/bad…you had the time,
You chose your course,
The outcome is yours.

Mistakes were made
All prone to this slate
Make peace with yourself
Take charge of the bait

RIGHT! in line with THE WORD.
…’cos never growing younger,
Never knowing yonder.
Live you last everyday,
For our last is never known.