Beauty in the Dark

Someone somewhere is up this morning feeling grey—battling disappointments, heartbreak, confusion, disgust and instability. Juggling a ball of bitterness in his/her head and thinking this could be the end of me; a massive overcast of darkness.

No! There so much beauty in the dark. In my experience, it isn’t the end of you but the start of something beautiful ‘if’ you know how to channel it. This isn’t easy but very possible.

Think of it this way, the mind perceives negative energy, then transmits it to the whole of you, causing all the feelings that keep you sore but energy can be transformed; How?

You know that thing you’re so passionate about, be it writing, rapping, singing, photographing, sewing, body building, cooking or even eating—just do it. Put that whole negative energy into it, make it your distraction and marvel at how beautiful the end product will be.

Many times I’ve fallen in a pool of bitterness and many times I’ve swum out victorious with a beautiful poem or article to read over and over again, totally thrilled by how I managed to pull a hat out of a needle, grinning from ear to ear and feeling warm again. The power of your passion is always a perfect distraction.

Impossibility is nothing, only if you believe.



It is always your fault,
Good/bad…you had the time,
You chose your course,
The outcome is yours.

Mistakes were made
All prone to this slate
Make peace with yourself
Take charge of the bait

RIGHT! in line with THE WORD.
…’cos never growing younger,
Never knowing yonder.
Live you last everyday,
For our last is never known.


What is wrong with us?
It has always been a long game,
yet we take it for granted.
Decisions are taken just for fame
yet we sit back muted.
Recycled heads on the throne,
too careless for ‘done’.
Dry lands; Sinking shallow boreholes,
and gradually tainting young dreams.
Only Eagle eyes see the trapped holes.

What is wrong with you?
Get up and take a stand,
there is never coincidence.
A chess game; act with fore-sight and confidence.
Does the father not become the child when old and the child the father!
Why then are you ruled by children?
Does the salt not season all the beans in a pot?
How then can you sit back unaffected?
You lie! you’re just short sighted.

What is wrong with me?
Is my ink to faint to be read
or is thy eyes to blind to read?
I try but I fail,
I try again but I still fail.
Are the words to blur
or are my thoughts to vague?
I spill yet again;
Only a glimpse favoured by your eye.
Whatever! Truth must be told.

©Kim Dashong 2016


I hate the media,
It’s coined with twisted trivia,
Lies captured in fine words,
All headlines with a ‘back’ story.
Why can’t it be plain with no folly?
Pocketed by mere sapiens.

I hate politics,
The old dwindling around it,
The young considered not fit,
Campaign; Lies drenching masses,
That gamble, power seeking faces,
Greedy bastards, pocket driven cases.

I can’t stand bullies,
Empty barrels loudest noise,
Thinking we all prey or toys,
Even predators are preys,
You’ll fall prey if you don’t pray.
Time and chance happens to us all.

Alas…I hate lies,
Hurt yourself no longer,
long sighted see no farther,
A cycle; Caught up sooner or later,
Get wise…it is but to do and die.

©Kim. D.2016