He swayed so far…
Totally oblivious of Dick,
not even the Cameras click
or the loud Nursery rhyme.

I tried so hard…
Snapped my fingers,
waved my hands too
but it was all vain.

Alas! He came to,
with a deep sigh out,
and a jaw tightly squeezed.

So silly…I asked,
“Boy! Are you alright”



My darling, I miss your smile,
The feel of your long woolly hair,
The love we had,
And the ruin we made.

When darkness came,
I left when I should have stayed,
I shoved you away.

Now, robbed of your charm,
You are tucked into a corner
And I am left to the foreigner.

Like the sun, in time, you will rise,
And your devotion, a corona about you.


In The Lonely Hour

He walks the street,
aimlessly searching for tranquil.
Patiently observing natures fleet
as it unleashes its wonders.

That eventide…
The kind that forces a grin out,
The kind that lets the mind slide,
to a peaceful and beautiful site.

Darkness bows after this,
as it always at the sight of light.


​On that almost perfect day,

there was a black dog lurking,
creeping and growling,
Sniffing vulnerable for a treat.

It was all her treat
to find solace in a meet.
To greet and smile and gist
but a black dog disagrees,
It sniffs the worse out of the meet,
Enemies!!! She screamed.

Little did she know,
“every black dog has a collar”.


Look at that fellow,
That man standing like an ‘Iroko’,
Feet rooted on the ground below,
Muscular body in awe by most,
A front for you to see.

I saw him days ago,
Next to his wife he’s a Lego,
Henpecked like a baby,
You see! your crush is little girl,
or a figurine for me,
or a coward to his wife.


It is always your fault,
Good/bad…you had the time,
You chose your course,
The outcome is yours.

Mistakes were made
All prone to this slate
Make peace with yourself
Take charge of the bait

RIGHT! in line with THE WORD.
…’cos never growing younger,
Never knowing yonder.
Live you last everyday,
For our last is never known.


I hear thunderstorms
In the depths of its belly,
A sound of a raging lion
Resounds amidst its colony.

Every expel is a horror,
Like a mix of horrible colours.
That beast!…betrayed by its body,
In the name of enticing Rudy.

Now look what she has done…
Confusion brewing in the bus.
Her alone at the back; no clone!
Thus an ass roar.


It tasted like Astymin,
It was gluey and disgusting,
Yet she pushed it down,
Swallowed with a slight frown.

Can’t it just be sweet?
…like honey with no awkward taste,
Like fresh Pineapple,
Odd She was in no haste.

Slow sips eyes on her,
That newbie persistent for cliques,
It was obvious so he poked,
“Excuse me, there is coke.”